• 04/11/2018:Rajam youth putting in their best efforts for launching event on Diwali.
  • 04/11/2018:Thank you BRKS & Associates Company Secretaries for your kind donation of Rs. 1,00,000 for rehabilitation of cyclone affected Rajam village.
  • 02/11/2018:The Rajam villagers started working for the betterment of their lives.
  • 01/11/2018:Initiated building 4 houses with the support of Orix Leasing on Kerala Formation Day.
  • 01/11/2018:2 cows donated to the needy people who are identified by Alleppy District Administration.
  • 31/10/2018:Appeal to lend hands to save Dinesh, CA student.
  • 31/10/2018:Thank you Sri M Krishnarao, MLA, Kukatpally for your kind donation of Rs. 1,00,000.
  • 29/10/2018:Activities happening around South Indian states.
  • 28/10/2018:Fresh Driving batches initiated at Andhra Pradesh / Telangana.
  • 28/10/2018:abhaya requests everyone to join hands to rebuild Rajam, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh.
  • 28/10/2018:abhaya requests everyone to do their bit for "abhaya Hunt the Winter 2018" mission
  • 28/10/2018:abhaya Founder met Dr Bendalam Ashok, MLA, Ichapuram, Andhra Pradesh. The MLA appreciated the Mission to rehabilitate Rajam.
  • 27/10/2018:abhaya Founder visited SSS Nityanna Seva Project, RIMS, Srikakulam and donated 50K for the good work.
  • 27/10/2018:Thank you Vinay Agarwal and Brothers for the kind support.
  • 27/10/2018:abhaya Founder met Sri Kinjarapau Rammohan Naidu, MP, Srikakulam seeking his support for Titli Cyclone Rehabilitation.