We at abhaya foundation firmly believe that awareness is the key to social progress. We strongly advocate awareness programs right from the primary school level and to also to the urban and rural communities on various aspects of better living. We cover a wide array of subjects such as moral awareness, social awareness, health awareness, awareness on hygiene and sanitation, awareness on education, awareness on beneficial government schemes, awareness on raising and managing finances, awareness on entrepreneurship, awareness on opportunities, marital awareness and anything that people need to be aware of, so that they are better informed and can make accurate choices in their lives.
Many people are unaware of the several initiatives of the government which when tapped appropriately can solve major problems for them. At abhaya one of our prime endeavours to reach out to the people and make them ‘aware’ that help is available. Our awareness programs not only limit themselves to government schemes but also cover private or corporate CSR initiatives that could help a lot of people. abhaya continuously acts as an information channel between resource availability and the resource needy and thus creates all round awareness in people.
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