About abhaya

The most beautiful image in the world is that of a genuine smile, a smile that naturally occurs in someone when we minimize their pain through our little deeds of selfless support and kindness. This is the precept behind abhaya: ‘alleviation of suffering!’ The small acts of help many times go a long way in bringing relief to someone who is acutely suffering in some way. The philosophy behind abhaya Foundation is the delivery of reassurance that help is available to anyone who is in desperate need of something. Something that can help him not just survive but live a better life and in turn spread the message of service. Our scope is not restricted to caring for just the sick or the destitute, but goes far beyond and covers a repertoire of social services that become our Mission: ‘Service With a HEART.’ This encompasses Healthcare, Education, Awareness Creation, Rural Development and Transformation. True to its spirit, since 2006, abhaya, actively networking with thousands of kind and compassionate souls across the world has demonstrated its dedication to this strong social cause through its profound and timely service to hundreds of thousands of unfortunate souls. Through our Mission ‘Service With a H E A R T,’ abhaya believes in reprogramming lives wherever there is a dire need, and bringing about an affirmative change in the society. The scale of misery and misfortune is truly immeasurable in the world. We need thousands of volunteers to help us bring some comfort to the unfortunate. Come and join hands with abhaya and demonstrate your love for your fellow beings. Come and be part of a movement that will surely gladden your heart, come and show that together we can bring about a change in the world. Come and show that you too have a heart, and in the process of serving those in need we will truly be transformed.