About abhaya news letters

The effort behind making every news update of abhaya month after month, extra ordinary since a decade now. There is a TEAM silently work on pooling the data, updates, reports, photos, feedbacks, quotes, donations etc, for a 30 days period every time. Then the Volunteers sit for designing the news update during night times post their office hours. This would go on for at least 5 days... 30 man hours! Then alone a spectacular news letter is published.

A team of volunteers will start posting the news update to 20,000 abhaya donors, well wishers, supporters, corporates, NGOs and others across the globe in the first week of every month, further it would posted in FB, Whats App, abhaya web links, Blog and Twitter, reaching another 20,000 people. All these things happening without a break since 2006.

Request each reader of this news update be aware of such an effort behind bringing such piece of heart “the abhaya news update” so that there would be love, care, consideration in understanding what is happening at abhaya with their kind support. That would surely pave the way for making a heavenly difference to their association with abhaya.

We will be happy to have your kind feedback for the news update. Further will be grateful if you can share this news letter with your near and dear and seek their support too!!

LOVE & LIFE for the Country
Editorial Team

  • CS Balachandra Sunku, Founder
  • KSV Sivakrishna, Secretary (Content/Editing)
  • CS B Kiran Kumar Guptha (CSR Update)
  • T. Karthik (Content/ Posting)
  • A Rajasekhar Reddy, (Special design support)
  • G Srinivasulu (Designing & publishing)
  • K Gopi Manohar (Support)
  • S Lalitha Lahari (Editing)

Posted on : 10/02/2021
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