• 10/23/2020:80 abhaya kits distributed - Avineon CSR Activities
  • 10/22/2020:Thank you Ramesh Gelli Foundation for your donation
  • 10/21/2020:abhaya review call with educare students - oct 2020
  • 10/21/2020:Happy Anniversary Smt and CA SNM and thank you for your donation
  • 10/20/2020:Happy Birthday Akash and thank you for your donation
  • 10/20/2020:Bharat and team summited Frinedship peak in Himachal Pradesh
  • 10/19/2020:Thank you NASSCOM Foundation for you donation
  • 10/19/2020:We bow before Sai SoulDears in the name of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who took care of 25 senior residents of campus during the floods and road damages
  • 10/15/2020:Thank you Surya for your job at Cisco and starting monthly donations to abhaya
  • 10/15/2020:Congradulations Prajwal on your job and thank you for your donation from your first salary
  • 10/9/2020:100 abhaya kits distributed in ATP District - Avineon CSR Activities
  • 10/5/2020:Thanking Durgamma for her kind support
  • 10/5/2020:Thank you F5 for supporting 60 rural women in their tailoring course
  • 10/4/2020:Thank you abhaya Humanity group for your annual donations
  • 10/2/2020:Thank you Sharekhan for helping us serve the needy during this pandemic